The Art of Writing and Poetry

{Abbi Grooms}

Is writing truly an art? Are authors and poets artists? How do storytelling and poetry correlate? Throughout this post, we will discuss the answers to these questions, and I will even share an original poem. 

To begin, what is art? Art is so much more than just a drawing or painting on a canvas. Art is more than just charcoal sketches or masterpieces of different materials. Art tells a story. When you are in someone’s home and look at the art displayed, your mind creates a story to match. Perhaps it’s a peaceful, serene display of color. Perhaps it’s vibrant and bold. Perhaps it’s childlike and imperfect. Every piece of art tells a story. Some art is full of emotion; some art tells a story about the artist, and even the owner. Maybe a childlike painting in an older couple’s home is a glance into a grandchild’s life. Maybe an ametuer painting is a memory of a loved one who passed. Some art evokes sadness or  joy; some art evokes peace and tranquility. The whole point is that art tells a story that shares a message. 

So is writing an art? Yes! Are authors and poets artists? Yes! An author is an artist of words. With the right wording they can manipulate your emotions and leave you feeling victorious, thrilled, or defeated, and heartbroken. A poem may leave you in laughter, tears, or quiet consideration. Poems, in  a sense, are short stories. They have a message, they tell a story, and they evoke an emotion. Maybe the original poems below can awake the inner poet in you, and you can go on to write your masterpieces of art! 

Example #1

Role Model

{Abbi Grooms}

There is someone I’ve worked to memorize;

Their patterns, their actions, their character

I’ve worked to learn the way they live and view the world through tender eyes. 

There is someone I’ve tried to model, 

In every single way

Their prayer, their silence, their strength so strong they seem to never wobble.

In their prayer they are powerful;

In their silence they are wise;

In their faith they are founded and never try to disguise.

They are true; they are loyal; they are kind

They live with no regrets

And God is their peace of mind.

There is someone I’ve grown to love and respect

In every aspect of life.

And any interaction with them always has a positive effect. 

Others have called him dad, pastor, or friend,

But he is my Grandpa. 

Yes, my grandfather is one on whom I can depend. 

One I have worked to imitate

In whose character seems no flaw

Yes, the man who is my hero

Is also my Papa. 

Example #2

I Make Me Better; I Won’t Be Bitter

{Abbi Grooms}

God, I am bitter. I want to be better.

Life isn’t fair

It seems You don’t care.

People leave and they make me weep,

They make promises they don’t keep. 

They make me bitter.

The people I love go to the grave.

My joy is killed and the holes they leave are never filled,

That makes me bitter. 

Because of people I am betrayed, the pain I feel is never to fade.

People stab me in the back and cause my world of light and happiness to go black.

They make me bitter. 

My pain is deep and I cry to you. 

Your silence proves I have nothing left to do. 

You make me bitter. 

But wait, 

Life will go on, trials won’t cease;

But in You alone, I find peace.

Life won’t be fair, people won’t care. 

Death doesn’t stop, my pain may fill me to the top. 

My pain no one may share, but you, God, are always there.

The truth is finally coming out; I make me bitter. 

But if I make me BITTER, that means one thing,

 I can make me BETTER with the flip of a letter. 

God won’t leave and in him alone I find reprieve. 

I am now better, because I refuse to be bitter. 


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